My Guild Wars 2 Guardian, Shoukei.


[translation-ish— disclaimer: translation is hard, and I am not good at it so I usually just kind of try to get the gist and call it good— if you want to let me know of better ways to translate something, feel free?]

Yukito: This is my house! (My grandmother changed your clothes.)
Sakura’s thought bubble: Oh, right… my brother said Yukito is living with his grandfather and grandmother.

Whenever I rewatch or reread this scene, it cracks me up, because (spoilers?) his grandparents don’t exist. But he doesn’t know this, so I wonder what he thinks happens, really. Does Yue take over and do things and he just assumes his grandparents did them when he wasn’t around? Because that is a fantastic image. But basically it means his “It’s okay, my grandmother changed you (so I wasn’t being a creep, I swear)” is actually totally untrue, because there are only two options there: him or Yue.

Now with ridiculous image:

Blame Nami for the apron.

Rose Red & Snow White (kitsune) Lineart

It’s always really obvious when I start trying to ‘finish’ a piece how weak I am at understanding things like fabric, ahaha. I get by it a lot by scribbling. This is also why I like ‘painting’ over doing lineart– I can just glob colors together until it kinda looks right even if I have no idea what I’m doing.

Yet another backlog posting of things. This was for the FMA Big Bang in 2010-2011 for the story Estvarya… I never really finished the balcony (I keep intending to, so maybe I’ll get that done this year), but I collaborated with another artist on the big picture (she did all the background in the city, whereas Roy and Scar and the balcony are mine). Also did some sketches of Roy and an OC, Izena.