Finally stopped being (as much of a) bum and hooked up my scanner again to get the last image. Nathaniel and Ticket were meant to be for the OC Meme answers, but I wasn’t entirely happy with anything that came out for either of them since… I’d never drawn Ticket before ever, and have only drawn Nathaniel once. So I’ll still do those meme answers… later.

ETA: argh, why did it mess up all the orders and captions.


happy to announce that i’ll be participating in Masters of Anatomy! for this project, 64 different artists will be contributing their own unique version of the ideal male/female. the goal is to have a book with many different interpretations and stylistic approaches to the same theme, intended as reference material for other artists. i think it’s a great concept and i’m so flattered to be working on this alongside so many awesome and accomplished artists! the kickstarter for this project will launch on october 11th (my birthday!!), so if you’re thinking of contributing, mark it down 🙂