2018 Art Summary

I’ve never really had enough finished pieces in a year for this to look even this good. Even though I’m sorta cheating. February’s piece isn’t complete, and while I started it in Feb, that version is from March. July was also actually done in June, but I didn’t have anything for July but WIP shots for August.

But it’s neat to even have enough to fill it out with things that are more than just sketches. Also apparently I was really into green this year.

I still want to come back to September’s concept sometime.


half-orc druid

The “finished” version of my half-orc druid, Kahurangi.  (Sorry for everyone who’s seen this several times already, didn’t have another good piece finished to use, ahah.)

There’s some things about this setup that are still… not 100% ideal.  Not sure if posting uncropped images to DW is going to be annoying, but posting cropped to Twitter is definitely annoying so I’m kinda trying a middle ground.  Still think I might want to look into a separate tool that will bypass IFTTT so I can be a little more selective about choosing what versions of images go to which sites and how they get set up, but it’ll be handy for now to at least crosspost short sketchdump things to DW/Twitter.

find me elsewhere

I don’t really think my particular tumblr will have much issues, though I have had some of the content get strangely flagged already, so who knows.  But for what it’s worth:

twitter (syntheid) & instagram (synthearts)

I’ll keep crossposting here for the foreseeable future, though I update twitter/instagram sooner, and there’s additional wip sketches and commentary on those platforms if you’re into that.