Rose Red & Snow White (kitsune) Lineart

It’s always really obvious when I start trying to ‘finish’ a piece how weak I am at understanding things like fabric, ahaha. I get by it a lot by scribbling. This is also why I like ‘painting’ over doing lineart– I can just glob colors together until it kinda looks right even if I have no idea what I’m doing.




This is a great reference illustration. Just lovely.


So I wanted to draw this little reference to show the difference between different members of the corvidae family. It sort of got out of hand… And now I think wings are a huge pain in the ass to draw and I never want to see a bird again.

i did not know that jays and ravens were in the same family!


I am always getting crows and ravens confused, man!

Sometimes I’m surprised that things I know aren’t just common knowledge.