what artist influences do you see reflected in my drawings?

what artist influences do you see reflected in my drawings?

coerulescens said: I love that even though it’s a totally different feel/genre, Hannibal still has that Fuller aesthetic. Also, I wasn’t sure about it from the pilot, but liked it more after the second episode, so here’s hoping the upward trend continues.

Partly, I just do not like the story/idea of Hannibal much? Sort of weird given I’m generally into crime drama and stories about serial killers, but even though it’s intriguing, I get a little turned off by engaging with it as entertainment. Maybe similarly to the way I can’t deal with the Hunger Games fandom, although in this case I feel weird even enjoying reading/watching the story. Because on the surface I should love this show– it’s pretty and intriguing and doesn’t immediately make me go “WTF none of this makes sense” or handling anything/anyone’s character poorly, but I’m still really on the fence.

ETA: On the other hand, I really like Mads Mikkelsen’s face. It’s interesting.




This is a great reference illustration. Just lovely.


So I wanted to draw this little reference to show the difference between different members of the corvidae family. It sort of got out of hand… And now I think wings are a huge pain in the ass to draw and I never want to see a bird again.

i did not know that jays and ravens were in the same family!


I am always getting crows and ravens confused, man!

Sometimes I’m surprised that things I know aren’t just common knowledge.



Don’t choose Westeros.

Never, ever choose Westeros.

(Answer: Narnia. My god, Narnia. I have been trying to get there since I was three-years-old)

But I don’t want to go to any of those places. I want to go to Roke. Why is Earthsea never an option. /tiny fandom woes

(I guess at least in Middle Earth I could hang out with hobbits and have a generally good time without getting sucked into imminent danger. As much as I enjoy Wonderland, just no. And ahaha, Westeros and Camelot.)