[translation-ish— disclaimer: translation is hard, and I am not good at it so I usually just kind of try to get the gist and call it good— if you want to let me know of better ways to translate something, feel free?]

Yukito: This is my house! (My grandmother changed your clothes.)
Sakura’s thought bubble: Oh, right… my brother said Yukito is living with his grandfather and grandmother.

Whenever I rewatch or reread this scene, it cracks me up, because (spoilers?) his grandparents don’t exist. But he doesn’t know this, so I wonder what he thinks happens, really. Does Yue take over and do things and he just assumes his grandparents did them when he wasn’t around? Because that is a fantastic image. But basically it means his “It’s okay, my grandmother changed you (so I wasn’t being a creep, I swear)” is actually totally untrue, because there are only two options there: him or Yue.

Now with ridiculous image:

Blame Nami for the apron.