Scott Burdick (top).

Around 3-4 hours? (Progress shots in the middle.) I painted while listening to panels and sitting in line at DCC this weekend. I am still far too afraid of painting blacks in things, I ended up having to darken the shirt and hair multiple times. Might be interesting to try this style in ArtRage instead of MS5 sometime– trying to get that layered paint look was not working for me.

“I fixed it. I mean, I reworked it a bit. Actually a lot. Actually I redrew the whole thing.” -me, explaining to my roommate

Top is mine, second is Charles Goldie’s original portrait. Bottom two were in-progress shots of the first really shitty attempt that I “fixed” and by “fixed” I mean, totally scrapped. Still has some issues (the faaaaaace, it is not correct, wrong angles and proportions), but I think the second attempt turned out better. Second attempt took around 2 hours… first I can’t even remember, probably also 2 hours.

Might continue to push this later, the shadows especially on the face are not dark enough.

Started doing Level Up on… this is going to take me forever, because the first assignment on composition is 20 master studies and it took me a couple weeks to actually sit down and do this first one. Manet, just for values, limited to ~1 hour of work and a fairly small canvas (upon trying to upload to the forum I realized I was still working larger than I ought to have but owell).

I think I had some issues with screen calibration, too, though, because I really thought the light areas were better matched. (I think it’s fairly obvious the difference in skill, but just in case it’s confusing, mine is on the right.)